Ice Fishing

So first and foremost Becky said that it is my duty to update the blog for a couple of reasons..

1. It needs class. Let's face it with an average of 6 blogs per LDS family you need some substance...none of this "oh I love Britney's new music video look at it on youtube" buisness. More like rednecks fishing on a piece of ice type class.

2. It was updated forever ago. I mean we don't have terribly exciting lives, but we could post something right?

3. I kept bugging her to post something which resulted in a couple spats and now here I am writing it.

So here is my first post to our blog and I must say based on my personal journal writing habits I might do this once a year. On to the ice fishing.

This last Saturday the Elders Quorm had an ice fishing activity. For all those, who for some reason dont understand the concept, ice fishing consists of being cold, cutting a hole in a frozen lake, frost bite, and hopefully catching some fish. Well on our way up to the adventure the car I was traveling in hit some ice and we hit the guard rail at about 55 mph. No major injuries, but the air bags got the front passengers pretty good and so it took some time to figure out what to do. Long story short it started the day with a hiccup.

The destination was Strawberry Reservoir, which is about 1.5 hours from provo. When we go there it looked like a frozen wasteland. The bishop brought some snowmobiles so it was easy getting out to his favorite spot. Just to make a short mention here Bishop Brown is the man. He does it all and is pretty much davy crocket minus the coon skin hat. Anyways we cut through the ice and wouldn't you know it... the ice was like 2 feet thick ( a little comforting considering we just drove out there on 1000 lb snowmobiles) . The fishing was a little slow, but we had a bunch of laughs. We caught 3 fish and had 5 total on our lines so the day wasn't a total bust. Luckily I caught a 3 pounder so it made the day worth it for me. For that reason alone I could probably go icefishing again. One thing we forgot though was sunscreen so I got a really nice beanie burn and so did everyone else that went along. We looked pretty stupid at church the next day to say the least. For dinner Sunday Becky cooked the fish and it tasted fantastic...almost like salmon.

Overall it was a blast, and I could maybe do it again... and to be honest it was a warmer day up there so I never even got cold...just sunburned.