DIY Moby Wrap

My good friend Mitzi was gracious enough to have a baby before me let me know a few things she would recommend. Among these was a Moby wrap. It seemed like a good idea and I watched a few youtube videos on how to tie those things. I thought the price tag was a little ridiculous though, for FABRIC.

I looked online for the dimensions of the wrap and ended up using a piece of fabric I had bought at Walmart. It is a knit, and looks like fabric from a thermal shirt. I took three yards (60 inches wide) and cut it in half down the middle. Then I sewed them together to make one really, really long strip. I trimmed the edges with pinking shears and I don;t think it made a difference and it took forever. It is really fun to wear, but tying it is a BEAST. I'm glad I ended up making it because I honestly only wore it a few times and it wouldn't have been worth the money. Also pregnancy took a real toll on my back and after 30 minutes or so my back gets really achy.

I also tried to talk Chase into using it and he said he would rather cut off his foot. Thanks for the support honey :)