President's Weekend

So our President's day weekend ended up being pretty amazing. Thursday was of course Valentine's day but the day before Chase and I were sitting on the couch watching TV and suddenly he turned to me and said, "Did you get my present yet?" Well I thought he meant did I receive a present that he had given me, so I looked very confused but then he said "you didn't get me anything!?" I said, "Ohhhh... no I didn't." We agreed we weren't doing presents for Valentine's! So the next day I did some emergency shopping and that night he took me to McGrath's Fish house and it was delicious :) He ended up giving me a chocolate mill and I him a sweeeeet sweater (it was made out of bamboo).
Saturday we went on a ward temple trip to the Manti Temple. I was so glad we went because I know we never would have gone all the way out to Manti otherwise. Even driving up to it was so beautiful.
Monday we went snowboarding up at sundance. Chase had never been before so I was so excited to take him! He was really good and I hardly ever had to wait for him to catch up. When most people hear you're going snowboarding for the first time they always say "Get ready for a horrible day!" I don't know why they would say that though, it's still fun, even though you can't go too fast. Chase ended up really liking it and hopefully we can go again soon. He made the comment to me that I didn't even fall the whole day and I said it's because I was being a chicken and I never went too fast. But still, I guess not falling means I'm amazing.
So I have one quick story before I finish. I'm sad to say that Chase has officially crossed the border between man and nerd today. He's been dancing on the edge for awhile but his awesome coolness has always held him on the man side of the line. Today we were walking onto campus and Chase was talking about a trebuchet that he is planning on building for an engineering competition (strike one) and he was saying how he wanted to go to the machine shop and drill holes all along the arm so that it would be extra lightweight (strike two) and then he actually uttered these words, "Now if my calculations are right..." Right when he said it I stopped him mid sentence and I said, do you realize what phrase you just used?? Strike three, you're out!

You're Late!

So after wasting away yet another Saturday, I finally convinced Chase to get dressed as it is now 5:15 pm. To be fair it's not all his fault, but it doesn't matter how long you take to get ready as long as you finish first right? Then you can justly boss the other around and say things like "I'm always waiting for you!" and "I knew you would make us late..." This might not be the best way to behave towards your spouse but I can only follow the example set by my parents. I remember just this Christmas when Dad, Chase and I, Noelle, Colin and Aubrey were supposed to leave for the desert at 8:30 am. I must admit I was not ready until 9, but it turned out that my Dad was getting ready the entire morning, working on his plane and packing the car. In the meantime to stave off bordem, I offered to help Noelle add music to her new ipod. Finally around 10 or 10:30 my Dad got into the car and was ready to go. Well I spent the next 2 minutes finishing the ipod and ran out to the car. Immediately I was assaulted with my dad yelling about how he was ready and we were still running around making him late! Well the irony of the situation was just so overwhelming to me I couldn't even say anything, I just sat in the back and shook my head and laughed. With that example, what can i say? Well I better go because I just realized that I don't have mascara or shoes on and when Chase is finally ready, if I'm not ready to go he will turn the tables and start giving me crap for making him late. Ohhh, the irony.