Surprise! Guess what we bought...

We bought a house! Chase and I are SO excited and we will be moving in sometime around the 16-20 of this month! Things happened pretty fast...

A family in our ward saw a really cute house for sale across the street from their son's preschool. Chase and I mused over the idea and I finally called the realtor for that house to see if we could get a tour. That led to a pre-approval for a loan and over the course of about 3 weeks we had looked at around a dozen homes and found this one! We put an offer down (this was the 3rd house we had offered on) and it was accepted! After that we were wavering a bit about going through it but everything has felt right and this house really is an AMAZING find.

It was built in 1951 and it has that "character" that I was looking for in a house. Great area, it is in my parents ward. We really wanted to stay in the ward we were in, but you know how things work out sometimes... it is only 1,100 square feet, but it is on a really big lot, .17 arces! It has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and two of the bedrooms are upstairs, dormer style. Our plan is to live upstairs with the nursery and the downstairs bedroom will become my craft room :):) Chase will get the entire detached garage for his space, which is huge and has tons of potential. The other day I was feeling bad that I claimed the room inside and justifying it in my mind. Things like, I'll have the baby and it makes sense that I have to stay in the house.... But then Chase mentioned how excited he was for the garage and I felt better! He actually preferred the garage. An old lady was selling the house because she couldn't take care of it anymore and the inside has been completely redone to sell it. New everything. The kitchen has brand new tile floors and granite counters, appliances, new bathroom, carpet, paint, everything! I particularly love the upstairs with wood floors and huge windows on the sides that let in tons of light. We couldn't be happier :)

Chase's New Truck

About a month after we moved to California, Chase got his new truck! He was very excited and put plenty of research into the decision...
(Here I am pregnant... about 18 weeks?) It is a Toyota Tundra and recently it has been adorned with the company logo. While it is a "work truck" it is still Chase's truck, he just gets a monthly allowance from work to pay for it.
We had to drive down to Visalia to pick up the truck which is only about 1 hour North of Bako, so we turned it into a weekend thing and had a fun time with Chase's family. It has been so nice to see them more often since we have moved to California.