Visit from my family

My family came up to Utah a few weeks ago and it was great to see them! Noelle and I hung out with our family Wednesday for lunch, then Aubrey came back to my apartment with me while my mom, Colin, and Yeong-Hye hiked the Y. It was my mom's first time! Aubrey is getting so old, its crazy. We walked from campus to my apartment (about 4 blocks) and she chattered the whole way and we actually had real conversation. She made me scrounge up every toy in my apartment (about 6) and I had to read a book I gave her 5 times. She may be demanding, but she's so cute! Friday after we all went to the homecoming spectacular we came back to my apartment again and I had to go around to ask my neighbors to borrow some cards so we could play scum, and Aubrey insisted on coming door to door with me :) It was a fun few days and we can't wait to see them over Thanksgiving!

5 Interesting Things About Me

Dani tagged me in her blog, so here are 5 interesting things about me :)

I have a blanket (actually a fabric) that I take with me everywhere. Church, school, movies, you name it.

I got married on my 20th Birthday! Yay for May 3rd!

I love crossword puzzles and I bought this book this summer and I just finished it :( Sad day.

I go to school with my sister and we have a class together. It's fun.

I've kissed a dolphin! Luckily it was a male, unlucky for Colin, haha.

Now I tag Nicole, Shalon and Mitzi!


So last night Chase and I went to a Weezer concert up in Salt Lake City. They've been my favorite band for a long time and I have never seen them in concert before, and they're getting up there in years so I was worried I would never get to see them live. Well let me just say that last night was officially AMAZING. We got there at 7:30 and some lame band came out first, then Angels and Airwaves came out. They were pretty good and I'm glad we got to see them. Well after they left my heart started beating really fast because I was so excited to see Weezer in person! They finally came out and their whole set was awesome! First Chase and I were laughing because the whole band was wearing these white jumpsuits and Rivers had this white stocking-thing on his head! Then he had a mini-trampoline on stage and he jumped on that for awhile. Well then they started singing Perfect Situation and I was jumping up and down so excited that I started crying a little bit! Chase was laughing at me and told me I should calm down or I would be one of "those girls" at NSync concerts that cries when the band comes out, but I couldn't help it! (My eyes only got a little watery...) Well they took off their white jumpsuits and they had on all matching red tracksuits that said Weezer on the back. Then they starting singing Say It Ain't So and I thought I could die happy. All in all there was a lot of screaming on my part, laughing between Chase and I, singing along, and a few tears. We laughed a lot at the way Rivers was on stage. He walked around taking really small steps and every once in a while he would sort of hop and kick his legs back. Also when he wasn't playing the guitar or drums he would shake his hands back and forth like he had parkinson's disease... Chase called him a "weirdy," haha. They told some mildly amusing anecdotes and at one time Pat (the drummer) came down to sing and play guitar for a song and he said "I have also been to Salt Lake City before, and I went to the Salt Lake, and it was very salty. As I ventured forth into the lake, I lost my shoe, and I am sure it is still there. So thank you Salt Lake, for stealing my shoe." Ohhh Weezer. Some other highlights were when Rivers asked Tom (old lead singer for Blink 182, now lead singer for Angels and Airwaves) to come back on stage and sing The Sweater Song with them. Another when Rivers yelled, "If you can hear me yell 'Heck Ya!'" Also at the end of the show when they had about 30 Weezer fans come on stage and jam with them. The fans were playing a great variety of insturments including saxaphones, tubas, violins, cellos, that mouth insturment that make the twangy "boinging" sound, and a penny flute. It didn't sound perfect, but it was such an amazing concert expierence. I read a review somewhere of a weezer concert and the guy said that the show wasn't particularly amazing, and Rivers had some weird quirks, and they didn't banter with the crowd much, but it didn't matter because the fans of Weezer were so happy to see them and sing along that they pulled off an amazing show. I totally agree with that :)

I couldn't help myself...

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