September at school

Well the semester is in full swing here in Utah. Chase and I are both in school full-time and working part-time. We had to come back a little early for a job interview for Chase, which of course he nailed. About an hour after we left the interview they called and offered him the job. It's for a company called Sebo Marketing which *basically* designs websites for clients that sign up. He likes his job and gets to work with his good friend AJ Wilcox. I was fortunate enough to find a good job on campus! It's in the CITES Office in the Mckay (Education) building and so far, I go in at 8am everyday and do my homework :) They told me when they hired me that the biggest challenge with the job is the work load fluctuation, sometimes they're swamped and sometimes they're totally dead. Well I guess right now is the latter, so I do an assignment here and there, but mostly I read my textbooks and write papers for my classes. It's actually been really great and I am always caught up on my homework!

As far as I can tell, Chase likes his classes this semester, but I LOVE mine! This is my first semester as an HFL (Home and Family Living) Major and I must say my classes are awesome. Besides my GE's, I'm taking intermediate sewing, a family routines and rituals class, and a food prep in the home course. I'm getting a huge dose of sewing and every Friday I have a 3 hour foods lab. Yesterday my kitchen made doughnuts and fudge and I brought some home for Chase and he said the doughnuts were very tasty :)

Well Chase and I got some new couches. It's a long story, but here's a picture of me lounging on it. We got this couch and a matching love seat for only $375! Basically it was the deal of the century.

Nicole and Phil came out to Utah for Phil's sister's wedding and they came over Sunday afternoon to visit. Tori gets bigger everytime we see her!


When Chase and I got to Utah on Thursday, we couldn't move in until Monday and we needed to kill some time. Chase had to be here Friday morning for a job interview so we decided to go backpacking up in the High Uintas in Granddaddy Basin. Really Chase decided and I had to act excited... but once we started packing for it I got pretty excited. So we set out Friday and hiked for about 4 hours into a campsite before hitting the hay. The next day we fished, camped, messed around and hiked out. It was nice to get into nature and spend some time together before the start of the semester. Here are some of the pics from the trip.

Us hiking into the basin. If we look tired its because we are!The only way to cross these two merging lakes was to walk across all these logs. Harder then you would think with a huge backpack on.Chase caught a big fish early in the morning. He usually throws them back, but this one bled so much that it died... (look at Chase's hand)So we had to eat it. It was actually pretty tasty!Me in our tiny campsite. Another fish, he caught about 5 total.I wanted to make sure we left our mark once we left!

End of Summer

Well now that Chase and I are back at school I wanted to write one last post to wrap up our summer in California. We headed out to Palo Alto to Nicole and Phil's for Tori's 1st birthday. We had a fun BBQ and they made 2 cakes for Chase and Tori because their birthdays are only a day apart. It was awesome for us to hang out with Chase's family for his birthday! (I know that's really what he wanted.)
This was the "exploding cake" his mom made, its chocolate with crushed up candy bars and m&ms on it. So tasty!
Hanging out in Lodi as well. Aubrey is super good at riding the scooter now and every night she wants Chase and I to come out and ride up and down the driveway with her. Sometimes we'd rather not but it's always fun to get out of the house.
For Tamie's birthday Ryan took her jetskiing and Chase, Yeong-Hye and I tagged along. We all had a really fun time out at Hogan and I had to ride the tube behind the ski most of the time! My arms got tired, but it was so fun!
For the second part of Tamie's birthday, Ryan, Tamie, Dani, Kevin, Chase, and I went to California State Fair on a kind of triple date. We had a really fun time messing around and eating fair food (Ryan's favorite part!) and that night we saw the Weird Al concert. We were all skeptical at first but it was free and it ended up being really funny and entertaining! This is Chase and I on our way out of the fair.
The last weekend before we left Emily, Paige, Dani, Chase and I went to Santa Cruz for the day to enjoy the beach before returning to Utah! It was a nice, relaxing day with lunch at a deli, bocce ball, and walking along the Boardwalk. We did ride the Giant Dipper once, it never gets old! The only problem is that we all forgot sunscreen and got grilled up like a bunch of lobsters. Chase was the only smart one who stayed dressed and in the shade, but I don't mind a little extra tan before heading to school ;) This is Chase at the boardwalk, I suppose he's sad he'll be the only one going back to school without a tan.
The day before we left California Chase's mom called us up and said she'd be in Walnut Creek and maybe we could get together for dinner to celebrate her birthday. We headed out there and met Nicole,Phil and Tori and had a fun time, eating and watching her open her presents. She asked everyone to just give her a good book to read, so I gave her "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson, and Chase gave her "In Cold Blood" by Truman Capote. I hope she enjoys them!Now Chase and I are back in Utah for Fall semester.

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