Recent Happenings

Next week Chase and I are going to California for a small vacation. Chase actually isn't going all the way... he's staying in Nevada because he was invited to attend the annual young men's desert camping trip by my dad. Apparently this year they're going all out and getting ATVs for everyone. Chase is really excited and I told him to bring me back some sweet rocks. I'm driving with him and then continuing on to California to hang out with my mom for a few days. My plan is to hopefully potty train Aubrey while I am there. Chase and I agree my mom is a big softie and Aubrey needs some tough love. Not anything too extreme, just refusing to give her a diaper when she has to go. We'll see how it goes though :/

Recently I recived this dog for free from my Religion teacher and because it was impossible for us to keep... :( ... I sent it on to California as a surprise Valentine's present for my mom. Her name is Nutmeg and she was so adorable! Apparently she and Aubrey will play outside for hours and she is much more fun for Aubrey to have around then lazy Taz. Although I'm sure my mom still loves Taz more, Nutmeg seems like a good addition to the family.

This is Chase on the couch eating Triscuits and watching TV. When I saw it I had to take a picture because it was so hilarious. Notice the vacant stare and pile of crumbs on his chest. He is so cute :)

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's 49th birthday! And in celebration I have written 49 reasons why he is so great! So here goes...
Haha, jk. I don't have 49, but here are a few good reasons anyway.
He is so smart! He always gives me great advice and he knows how to deliver it.
He loves to have fun, and he always makes sure everyone else is enjoying themselves as well.
He loves our family! Everyone has a close relationship with him and we can all talk to him comfortably. AND we can all rough-house with him too! Haha.
He's an amazing cook. Thanks to him I make Chase cook all the breakfasts and do all the BBQing! Every general conference I miss his delicious food :(
So Happy Birthday Dad! the big 4-9. Don't sweat it now, you'll be 63 when Aubrey graduates high school! I love you.


My sandals came in the mail today! I found them online for $7.50 (I got them in dark brown) and I had to get them for the summer! It's been getting warmer and it makes me so excited for spring. I'm actually going to get my bike out this weekend and ride it around. But that actually makes me said because now I'll wish I were in Lodi... :(

Winter 2009 Semester

I just wanted to post for a bit and talk about some of the classes I (Becky) am in this semester, cause some of them are pretty cool! People always ask us "what is new" and there is never anything, just school. So here it is, school!

One class I'm in has already ended cause it was on the first block, Snowboarding! It was the best class I've ever taken. I guess I don't know if it could really be called a "class," but there was a test, so I think it counts. (The test was just "How have you improved," "What have you learned" type questions) I learned a lot and now I can ride switch, powder, and do some nose-rolls, if that means anything to anyone, haha. Well I'm sad it's over, but my season pass still works and it snowed last night (finally!) so Shannon and I are going today once I'm done with work.

I'm taking two religion classes this semester as well. One is Doctrine and Covenants and the other is Eternal Marriage. I actually like both of them pretty well, which I'm happy about because I didn't think I would like D&C at all. My teacher is really great and she said they asked her to speak at devotional! I think that proves how good she is, haha.

I'm in Family Finance, which isn't too exciting, but I feel like the knowledge I am gaining is very valuable. I have a test this week on Taxes and Insurance. It isn't hard at all and I find myself thinking "good to know!" quite a lot. It's scary and reassuring at the same time. Scary because i don't know how I have gotten by without knowing this stuff! And reassuring because I know it now and I can stop stressing. I think financials are always scary to think about anyway... am I right?

Another Class I'm in is called "Family Meal Management" and it's really great. I only took it because it's a cooking class, but I'm learning some good stuff in the meantime, haha. The cooking portions are always really fun and our teacher comes up with some great recipes. Each week we focus on something different, like cooking for food allergies, breakfast, children's snacks, etc. I'm always completely stuffed when I leave that class and I'll usually bring something home for Chase. As for things I'm learning, basically family mealtimes are extremely important. That's pretty much the whole course in a nutshell. We focus a lot on cooking nutriciously too, which is new to me!

Ummm, my History of Creativity class... I want to flush it down the toilet. :) It's just really boring and there are a lot of assignments and reading.

Perhaps my most time-consuming and rewarding class this semester is pattern-making. Who would be excited about making clothing patterns, right? Well.. me! I love learning about it , but mostly I love knowing it at the end of the day. I told my mom that I would never want to take the class again, but I'm so glad i took it! It's extremely tedious and hard to remember everything you learn because there are a lot of measurements and techniques. Up until now, we have been tracing BASIC pattern peices and changing them to completely different styles. For example I have a cardboard bodice peice that i trace onto tissue paper and then I can change it to basically any style possible for a bodice top. I also have to remember all these changes and multiply that by a skirts, sleeves, collars, cuffs and waistbands. Right now we are taking our week-long midterm which consists of our teacher giving us a picture of a dress and we have to make every pattern piece for that dress without any notes at all! Once this is over we are starting drafting, which is using blank paper and measurements only to make our patterns. After that we focus on draping, which is just using fabric and a dressform. I know what you're thinking... It's all very exciting!

Lastly, I TA for the Food Prep class. It's fun, and it works out that on Fridays, I get to eat food from the morning class and the evening class! Noelle and Shannon are in the Evening class, so sometimes I chat with them, but usually I'm running around getting things ready for the next week. I also really like the teacher I TA for, and we chat a lot about cooking and sewing and I even leant her a pattern for an apron, which she ended up loving.

Well that's my semester in a nutshell, besides my work on campus, which is where I am right now (I guess that proves how important I am... not very!). I would update you about Chase's classes, but I don't know much about them. Also... snooze! They're things like Concrete mixing and materials and all I know is he comes home and tries to tell me about flex strengths and emulsifiers, and I patiently listen, but the SECOND I open my mouth about stylelines on a skirt... he doesn't even pretend to listen! How rude.

PS: I don't know when I'm graduating, so stop asking my mom. Either Dec or April next year. Chase is in Dec 2009.