A Bun in the Oven

Well the rumors are true, we are expecting! It's about time I announced it too, because I am officially 18 weeks along. (As a side note, this picture of me is NOT my real belly, it was taken when I first found out and was very excited to see what I would look like...) I am due on January 2nd, which was the same due date my mom had with Aubrey. I actually had my FIRST appointment yesterday. Crazy, I know, everyone there was like, why haven't you come in before?? Well it's because we have finished school, moved, and gotten jobs with insurance, not to mention the hellish experience of actually making the appointment. The bottom line was, "shut up, I'm here now."

Chase and I were very excited to see the baby, because up until yesterday there was lots of speculation that there actually WAS a baby, and I told Chase I needed to eat an extremely large dinner in case I had sextuplets in there...

The first time we saw it, Chase said he was like "wohhh" and I was like, "Where are the arms and legs??" The doctor reassured me that they were there and moved the doo-hicky around to give us a different perspective. It was cool to see a baby moving around with a skeleton and everything and the doctor looked and said she was about 85% sure it was a GIRL!! Chase is still hoping for the 15% chance it is a boy, and he makes sure to tell everyone about that part. I'm hesitant to run out and buy all things pink, but I'm sure that will wear off in a day or two and then, watch out!

Here is a picture of pretty much the whole munchkin. I've included convinent labels if you're like me and suck at decyphering these things... I mean, I was there and saw the moniter! But as soon as we left and were looking at the pictures, all understanding was gone.

I'm going to be posting many pics and updates about our last few months, but right now work is over and I have to go home :)