Facegoo is a new app I got on my phone. I photoshopped this picture during Church yesterday and it make Chase and I laugh uncontrollably for 5 minutes before we realized the new bishop was looking at us... oops!

Visit from the Smiths

Nicole, Phil and Tori came into town last week for Phil's brother's wedding. I knew they were coming and one night I was trying to decide what to give Tori when she came... So I made her this:
It's an Octopus. I gave it a little personality with the teeth and the mouth (I know that's not how octopuses really are... DUH.)

Tori liked it and he was christened "Oscar" (sorry baby boy Smith, you'll have to find a different name, haha) I suggested Ollie but Tori vetoed it.

Even Phil liked it, lol. Well it was fun seeing them and we can't wait until we're in California and it can become a regular thing!

RIP Chase's Mustache

Well, Chase's grad-stache had a nice 6 week run. Here is a picture from it's early days... I came home from school and Chase had made this loaf of bread all by himself for dinner! I had to get a picture.
He finally decided to shave it because I complained too much that kissing him was pokey... Other then that I never complained! It caused quite a stir though, mostly people at church. He told our Bishop that for some reason the thicker his mustache got the more he wanted to buy a gun and shoot things...

Well he DID shave it off and has been upper-lip bald for about 2 weeks now. Who knows if it will ever return??

Pics from Thanksgiving and Christmas

Here are some of the best pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Aubrey on Chase's shoulders while he played the Wii fit, so cute!

Colin playing the Wii with his sweet set-up and Aubrey sitting with him (a rare sight!).

Chase's mom makes AWESOME guacamole and she hadn't even finished before everyone swarmed around and devoured it. From all sides!

This is from Christmas day in Lodi. My dad got all the boys remote control planes and we went to the Lodi High track to test fly them. It was hilarious and my dad wins the award for most ridiculous crashes and Ryan wins for actually hitting a person (not intentional). It was fun.

At Chase's house over Christmas. For some reason everyone thought it was hilarious that I needed 2 boxes of cookies before I settled down to watch a movie... but they were going fast!

Until next year!


In my Christmas post I mentioned Chase's obsession with planes. Here are a few pictures from one of his maiden flights. He asked me to come with him and it seemed like a nice day, so what the heck?
After we got to the park he explained in detail how I was supposed to handle his plane and launch it for him. Then he made me pretend like I was going to throw it so he could correct my technique, which he did. Then he finally turned it on and I launched it... perfectly. Well, the launch was perfect at least. The plane climbed for a minute then promptly turned upside down and dropped like a rock straight into a lower parking lot. I only had time to think, "oh man..." before it blasted straight into the ground and pieces went flying. Chase seemed kind of shaken, and after some damage assessment we determined that the plane was no more but luckily all his electronics were fine so he could build a new one (see the Christmas post). The whole ordeal was quite funny...Broken plane :(