Birthday and Anniversary

Yesterday was Chase and my 2 year anniversary and my 22nd Birthday. It was the best day! We had a bunch of people come over for desserts at about 7 and had a little party. I made bread pudding with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, a chocolate souffle with caramel sauce, and strawberry ice cream. Noelle brought over a cake and Beth brought some chocolate chip cookies.
Noelle made this delicious cake and decorated it with fondant for our anniversary.
We didn't have any candles, so Chase held up a lighter while everyone sang and then I blew it out, haha.
Cameron and Mitzi had the "sampler platter" of desserts.
Everyone had a good time, sitting around and talking, it was the best party!
Me and Lauren, chatting and eating... maybe not the best idea, I ended up spitting food on her husband!
I even decorated a little... Overall it was so much fun, Chase made me some earrings and gave me a new ipod nano! In pink of course. And I gave him a fly-fishing rod and reel combo. When Noelle and I went to Cabela's to pick it up, we were in and out in 2 minutes! Now that's my kind of Cabela's trip... That's it until next year I guess!


I ended up having a great trip to California. I got to hang out with Aubrey, Yeong-Hye, and my mom. When I got there about noon on Thursday, my mom told me that Aubrey had not gone to the bathroom all day and she was wearing panties. That night we went out to dinner and here are some pics I took in the car.
At the restaurant Aubrey sat so close to me! My mom said it reminded her of me and my grandpa when I was little. Touche!After we ate, Aubrey started complaining that she wanted to go home, which means that she might have needed to go potty. As soon as we got home she started asking for mom to put on her diaper and I suggested she sit on her potty instead. She was sort of resistant at first, so my mom left the room, but she sat on it and I sat next to her and talked to her for awhile. I was tired after awhile so I went downstairs and all of a sudden she came running down saying that she had gone! Well that night she was so excited that she prayed to be able to go poop the next day and she assured me she would do it. "Don't worry Becky, I'll go poop tomorrow..." The next day at about 10am she ran downstairs and exclaimed that she had gone #2. Sure enough she had and we opened up her kitchen set and assembled it as her reward for going poop on the potty. She loved playing with it!I think Aubrey was ready to go, but she needed an outsider to make it seem exciting. The trip ended up being really great and a nice break from the semester before finals.