A few weeks ago Chase and I decided to go camping on a Friday night. He found a campground and we headed out after our classes.
Here is our meager campsite.
Next time we'll remember to bring a few more things, such as:
  • Chairs
  • Matches or lighter
  • Paper towels or towel
  • Toilet paper
  • Flashlight or lantern
  • Sweatshirt for Chase
  • Shoes besides flip-flops
  • Hatchet for firewood
Oh well... it was still fun!

Our New Pet

Chase and I also got a patternless leopard gecko about a week ago and we love having her as a new pet. Chase just build her this shelf today so her cage could have a nice place to sit.
She doesn't have sticky pads on her toes, but she has tiny claws that help her grip onto clothing. We are having problems naming her, so any suggestions?? She will be bright yellow when she is full grown.

Here's a video of her eating a mealworm, for some reason my mom thinks it's gross...



I just turned this old ottoman...

Into THIS!!I got the fabric from IKEA forever ago because I made our living room curtains out of it. It's really sturdy and so I wanted to re-cover our nasty ottoman. We always tried to cover it with a blanket, but as you can see from the picture above it never worked very well. So today I ripped off the old fabric and put this new one on :) It ended up being a really easy no-sew project. So much prettier!

Manti Temple Trip

Last month we had a ward temple trip to the Manti Temple. We left Provo at noon and got to the temple in time for the 2:30 session.
Here's us outside the temple after the session. We were hoping that it would be good weather for the temple pageant that night, but it wasn't looking too good.
We ate pizza as a ward and waited in a candy shop for awhile before the pageant. It was pouring outside and we almost left for Provo, thinking sitting in the rain that night would not be pleasant.
But the sun came out! It was seriously a miracle. All those dark clouds behind Chase were finally leaving and the sun was coming out right before it set.
The pageant ended up being amazing, I'm so glad we stayed. Its something everyone should see at least once in their lives. And because it rained all day, hardly anyone was there and we got amazing seats and there was no traffic leaving! Talk about a blessing.