Wish me luck!

I'm making myself this skirt for Chase's mission reunion. I saw the picture and had to have it! I've procrastinated and now only have 3 days left to make the whole thing from scratch! Pattern and all.

Aubrey's dress :)

I'll have pics of her wearing it at my graduation!

Best Friends

I made these and they turned out really good! If you can't tell, it's a bunny and an owl.


Dog Pillow

One project I recently finished was this dog pillow. I was excited to make it and happy that it turned out bigger then I expected! Noelle is totally in love with it and tried to steal it one time... It is the perfect size to embrace, use as a neck pillow, or whatever.

When I finished it I was so excited I woke Chase up to show it to him but he wasn't interested. I was kind of sad, but the next day I came home from school and Chase was taking a nap on the couch and he was totally snuggling with it! It was cute :)

This is hilarious.


New Project

I've recently been called to the Relief Society Activity committee and I came up with the idea to make these wreaths for an activity. Next week a bunch of sisters are coming to my apartment and I'm teaching them how to make these! I already made mine (The one above isn't mine, I tried to take a picture of mine and it didn't look so good...) but mine did turn out Amazing!! It's really the perfect craft, super cheap ($3) and takes a while to put together. It can look as good as you want too! Right now its hanging in my apartment, making me smile every day :)