Our Exchange Student

On July 26th we got our Korean exchange student that is going to live with my family for the next 10 months! Her name is Yeong-Hye (Young-Heh) and she is 15 and a sophomore in high school. She arrived on Saturday and started school on Monday and then on Tuesday, my parents left for Hawaii, so I was left here to assimilate her to American culture...!
The week was actually really great and Chase and I both bonded with her really well. One night Colin had a friend over and we all went outside and after a failed badminton attempt (too windy!) we ended up playing an excellent game of croquet in which I got poison and killed everyone! Yeong-Hye actually did really well and Colin only blew his stack a few times. After a few days in high school, we pulled Yeong-Hye out on a pre-arranged absence to transfer her to an intensive English program for two weeks. Hopefully that will be long enough for her to understand her teachers better! Overall she is a joy to have and Aubrey is so enthralled by her that she is Aubrey's new favorite and I get left alone whenever she is around.