Through the Cave

Here's a pathetic video Noelle took of me trying to make it through the cave...


California Adventures

Chase and I headed to California about a month ago and had a great time! We went memorial camping in Santa Cruz and we were so glad we could make it again this year. The first morning of the camping trip we went back to this amazing cave we were introduced to the year before.
Dane was our tour guide again and here he is showing off the entrance. Its a glimpse of what was to come.
Here's a glimpse for you to see, it was a really tight fit!
Here's the group that went in the cave. If you look close you can see how dirty we are!

The next stop on our trip was a family reunion on Chase's Dad's side. We headed up to Auburn and hung out for a few days and had a super fun time. Our reunion last summer was so fun, I was really excited for this one and it turned out being great as well.

After the Reunion we headed back to the bay area to spend time with Nicole and Phil and Tori. We were really glad they let us stay at their place.
One day we headed into San Francisco and spent time with our friends Brian and Lauren who had just moved out of our Provo ward. We went to the botanical gardens, the Pier, and Ghirardelli Square.
Here's a good pic of us with some city scape in the background.

After Palo Alto we headed back to Lodi for a few days and attended Colin's 8th grade promotion before finally returning to Utah. How could we be gone for so long you ask? Well Chase took time off from his extremely flexible job (research for a professor) and I didn't need to take time off because I didn't have a job! Neither of us were in school either, so overall it was pretty easy to get away. It makes me wish our lives could be like this forever!

Provo Adventures

Chase and I have been trying to take advantage of staying the summer in Provo by doing some fun summer activities. This is just a bit about what we've been up to.
Sometimes Chase and I like to walk along the Provo river on a nice day. We also like to walk up Rock Canyon and "explore."We crossed a freezing stream and hiked up a steep hill to see this cave. It ended up being not so impressive, haha.Chase hiked out onto this ridge as the sun was setting.One day Chase and I rented a tandem bike with our friends Cameron and Mitzi and rode all around Provo. It was fun, only the next day our butts were pretty sore!