Pregnancy Eats

I haven't had too many cravings since being pregnant, I'm usually just hungry. So here is a list of things I have just eaten way too much of since I have been pregnant.

Otter pops (we're talking 8-12 at a time)
I'm always thirsty so I've been drinking a lot of water
Coke icee's (this might have more to do with my car's lack of AC then being pregnant...)
Smarties (this began before I got pregnant though)
I also ate a PB&J sandwich the other day, totally unlike me.

Thats about it! Disgraceful I know.


BYU Hottie said...

Quite the variety! Lucky you. :) I craved bacon. And towards the end....anything edible.

The Cunninghams said...

Mmmm... I think I could eat 8-12 otter pops without being pregnant. At least you have a good excuse.