A Birth Story

I've been putting off posting about Zoe's birth because frankly it as too much typing. Well last night I made a little video that pretty much sums it up. Enjoy!


I had to link to it because the video would not fit in my blog. It's worth the copy and paste!


stephanie joy said...

That was beautiful! I need to learn how to make videos. The song totally added to the emotion of it all. I might have teared up slightly.... I can't remember..... :) Well done Thomas Family!

The Cunninghams said...

That was such a good idea! I teared up a little as well. She has the sweetest little cry!

Andrea said...

That was so cute! Good job lady :) 26 hours is a LOOONG time to be in labor. The waiting game sucks. But she's so darn cute and made it worth it!