Anniversary Video

This is a video of Chase reading the book I made him for our anniversary. It cuts off before the end, but enjoy it anyway!

Our Exchange Student

On July 26th we got our Korean exchange student that is going to live with my family for the next 10 months! Her name is Yeong-Hye (Young-Heh) and she is 15 and a sophomore in high school. She arrived on Saturday and started school on Monday and then on Tuesday, my parents left for Hawaii, so I was left here to assimilate her to American culture...!
The week was actually really great and Chase and I both bonded with her really well. One night Colin had a friend over and we all went outside and after a failed badminton attempt (too windy!) we ended up playing an excellent game of croquet in which I got poison and killed everyone! Yeong-Hye actually did really well and Colin only blew his stack a few times. After a few days in high school, we pulled Yeong-Hye out on a pre-arranged absence to transfer her to an intensive English program for two weeks. Hopefully that will be long enough for her to understand her teachers better! Overall she is a joy to have and Aubrey is so enthralled by her that she is Aubrey's new favorite and I get left alone whenever she is around.