Baby Project #1

Well I did it! I finally finished a project for the baby. I literally have 10-15 that are in the works but this one is completed! It was fun and only took me about 10 minutes, as you can see. Getting the fabric paint was the hardest part, haha. I have many other cute ideas in the wings but I'll also take suggestions!

Pregnancy Eats

I haven't had too many cravings since being pregnant, I'm usually just hungry. So here is a list of things I have just eaten way too much of since I have been pregnant.

Otter pops (we're talking 8-12 at a time)
I'm always thirsty so I've been drinking a lot of water
Coke icee's (this might have more to do with my car's lack of AC then being pregnant...)
Smarties (this began before I got pregnant though)
I also ate a PB&J sandwich the other day, totally unlike me.

Thats about it! Disgraceful I know.

A Little Update

My mom keeps telling me that I need to post an update on here. Its kind of funny because when we were in Utah, she never mentioned my blog, but now that I see her everyday she mentions it a lot more! She says that people want to know...

So anyways, I uploaded a bunch of recent pictures from my phone so everyone can see how things are going! (Caution: Aubrey took all of these pictures, except for the ones that she is in... so quality is questionable. But she is quite artsy!) If I look tired in this picture it is because I am. Most days I am very tired and don't have a lot of energy. I can definitely tell that I'm starting my 3rd Trimester!
Haha, Hopefully my mom won't be embarrassed by this picture, but it made Aubrey and I laugh for about 5 minutes when she took this. Definitely going to credit this to late-night silliness...
Aubrey wears this dress most days, and I told her to put on mom's glasses for a funny picture. I think its cute!
Alright, the apparently long-awaited belly pic. This IS my real belly, as opposed to the fake one from the post before, haha. When Aubrey takes a picture of you, she insists on taking at least 5 shots... this was the least blurry, but towards the end of the series, so my face got a little ridiculous...
This one too. But I feel this picture accurately reflects how I feel. I was telling Chase that I try not to complain too much, I know it's going to get worse and every woman goes through this. But unfortuneately he and my family both get to hear about it the most.
I felt that this picture was the best belly-shot. You can see my whole body, and my arm looks pretty muscular. Haha.
Eating ice cream. It was home-made!
Camryn is over at our house a lot and Aubrey takes a lot of pictures of her. This one was too good to pass up! Again, towards the end on the 5 picture series, so the faces get more ridiculous...
Too cute. Aubrey and I made caramel apples as a welcome home surprise for mom and dad when they recently came back from a 4 day trip to Utah. This was hers with all the cute sprinkles and I wanted to document it before she ate it.
Here she goes! She did only get through about 3 bites before she got tired of fighting the apple and put it back in the fridge.
Chase eating his caramel apple. Colin, Chase and I were playing settlers at the time and Chase and I rue the day that we ever taught that game to Colin. He is obsessed and begs us to play with him every time we go over there... which is every day!

I have a lot of baby projects in the works right now but I told myself I wouldn't post them until I finished... and since none are officially "finished"... I am very close on some of them though! Updates soon!